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Pizzazz Scenic Contractors bridges the gap between artistic excellence and the medical community.

Pizzazz Scenic Contractors partnered with the marketing firm of a large pharmaceutical company to develop, fabricate and supply unique convention display sales tools.

Each torso was magnetically infused in order to “grip” our printed, magnetized patches. Custom bases included machined storage pockets for the patches as well as legal descriptors of the medication. These displays illustrated, in a tangible sense, how and where to correctly position the medication on the human body.

These convention sized displays were so well received that we produced an army of smaller, mobile sales tools for individual reps to bring along on their normal sales calls. These “Mini Med-Men” were of similar construction to the convention sized torsos with some variations in approach due to size. Pizzazz Scenic created and produced the torsos, descriptive bases, mini printed patches as well as highly durable, impact resistant, storage and travel cases.

Let Pizzazz Scenic help you and your clients with the development and implementation of unique, tangible sales tools.